Acupuncture: What Is It?

I am licensed in acupuncture.

Due to the overwhelming patient interest, as well as mine, I enrolled in the 100 hour acupuncture certification course offered at Logan University.  It was taught by nationally recognized instructors.  In this course I learned the information necessary to apply acupuncture to my patients in conjunction with their chiropractic care. Acupuncture has become a popular trend in healthcare and is one of the most respected and most requested healing modalities available today.  I now have another avenue of care to benefit you. Acupuncture combined with chiropractic will no doubt get you feeling better quickly!!

12 Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine used to alleviate pain and promote overall health.  Acupuncture uses needles placed along invisible meridians that run throughout the body.  Today, acupuncturists also use lasers, magnets and electric pulses in addition to needles. Each meridian point has a specific meaning and can unblock and repair meridians and channels with vital energy or chi.   Through the stimulation of the meridians, an acupuncturist is able to restore balance and ergo health to the patient.

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